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Global Warming

Posted by hanson807 on November 30, 2008

Here is a fantastic plan. Let’s get a group of un-elected people together who have no science background what so ever and have them make rules about pollution emmissions and then fine countries based on these arbitrary rules. In the article which should have been titled “Arbitrary rules to steal wealth by”, Mr. Stephen Hockman who is just a lawyer from Britian is reported to be working on such a grand plan. While we decide whether or not that is a good idea, why don’t they just do it because they aren’t planning on giving us little folk a say anyway and they weren’t elected to office so can’t be voted out. I guess the idea that many people don’t believe all the puesdo science behind carbon dioxide warming the atmosphere must just be dismissed. Also, if its about global warming I guess we can dismiss democracy. Maybe that is why it is tied so closely to socialism. No voting allowed. Absolute authority required.


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