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Everyone Complains about the Weather

Posted by hanson807 on December 7, 2008

but no one does anything about it. Classic Mark Twain. Now we have “Climate Scientists” informing us although this was a cool year, we still have global warming. We have Al gore with a new advertisement attacking clean coal. Wow a total fabrication. Maybe with should go with his miracle renewables, where he mentions the clean coal as a good alternative. He talks about the unlimited energy that comes from the sun. Isn’t that special. Solar cells that don’t exist and wind mills that don’t exist are better than clean coal that doesn’t exit which is better than nuclear power which is available now as you read this.

So at the heart of the CO2 argument we have increases in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. Well lets look at this claim a little deeper. After all we should have the facts. Not some puesdo science from a C student in journalism from Harvard. Carbon dioxide levels in our current atmosphere are about 385 ppm. So it is nearly 0.04% or .0004 of the atmosphere. Of course some say that it has increased over the last 500,000 – 650,000 years but I’m sceptical and would like to see the air sample from 650,000 years ago. No goofy guesses based on ice core data. When you read the source papers you realize they have to make a lot of assumptions that are spacious to relate the CO2 concentration of a permiable substance like water to what the concentration was 650,000 years ago. You would have to assume that CO2 gas would not migrate through permiable ice for 650 centuries. I’m not willing to take that jump. But lets stick with the .04% for just a sec. The supposed issue is the absorbtion of black body radiation. It aborbs energy but only really in 3 energy bands and really only at lower altitudes. Wow, we could sit down and calculate the contribution or attempt to anyhow. But here is a reality check that sort of dings this entire hyphothesis. We, that means all us humans are made of carbon. All the trees are made of carbon and the grass too. That means that the black body radiation absorption would affect all of us. Then the case would be that all carbon life forms are causing global warming, just by being carbon life forms. So the more vegetation we have, the more global warming we will have. So even if we planted a ton of trees to sequistor the CO2, it will still add to global warming because the Carbon in them will absorb the black body radiation. Hmm.

Then we can talk about wind mills and how we are going to free ourselves by building more. Well gosh. How many more? Since we are currently leading the world in wind production we have a lot to live up too. Maybe we can get it close to nuclear power. Sure, last year they spent billions erecting new wind mills but collectivelly they generate less energy than they are rated for, usually 30-40 of rated so the total amount added was 2700 MW rated or 810 Mw to 1080 Mw actual output. Then they have to give Tax Credits or they aren’t affordable. A single nuclear power plant today is going to be rated for 2500 MW and it actually provides its rated output. That means they would have to triple production or about 6500 MW’s of wind mills to equal one nuclear reactor. Thats going to be attractive. Maybe we can paint stuff on the towers so they look nice because we are going to have a lot of them to look at. Biggest production wind mill is 1.5 MW, so that is 4300 plus. At 3.9 million a piece, that’s 25.4 Billion. That doesn’t even include routine maintenance. All to attempt to meet production of one nuclear plant. How much carbon will be needed to make each wind mill? Who knows but I’m sure its a big number. The C student doesn’t explain this. He should give his lecture from behind a curtain.


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