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What Is Wrong With Government

Posted by hanson807 on December 18, 2008

Today we find out that Hellen Jones-Kelly has resigned from her position. She was the one who released information about “Joe the Plumber”. She made a statement: “This decision comes after a time of pause, in which I realize that I continue to be used as a political postscript, providing a distraction from urgent state priorities,”. This statement says a lot. It says that she, and those she works for, are disappointed that someone made a big deal over using government time and files to release information about a citizen. It says she doesn’t understand that her actions were completely out of line and violate the tenants of a free society. It shows she believes that her actions were not in anyway wrong, and she doesn’t understand how big a problem it truely is. She, as a government official, researched information not available to the general public and released that information based on her own political views. And to her, its just a little distracting.

This is not the first person who this has happened too. Linda Tripp was a government employee who filled out a rather lengthy security clearance, only to have portions leaked during the Bill Clinton affair. Again the problem seems to be that the officials don’t see anything wrong with doing this. Nor does the democrat party have an issue with releasing information on people they don’t like. These kind of tactics are not acceptable to a free people. They just don’t realize this or they don’t care. These people are roasted over asking the wrong question or exposing something that they want to keep hidden. By all accounts, the response from the individuals involved in the release is that they are upset that they are being bothered for doing something like this. They beleive their motives trump any rules and that the rules simply don’t apply to them.

Currently we have another fantastic example in Illinois. Blagojevich got the idea that he could act this way from somewhere. Why do these people think this way and why do we elect these idiots? I think they beleive they are now some sort of Royalty and get to set and break the rules as they see fit. Harry Reid doesn’t like the unwashed masses. Pelosi doesn’t want people making bad statements about her so she has a plan to silence dissent. Although we elect these people to run the government, they think we elected them as something more. Our government, and the officials in it need a big reminder of who works for who. If we don’t watch it, these losers will do anything and everything. We should be prosecuting that woman from Ohio and we should make sure Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi don’t go back to Washington as an elected government official. I don’t care if they elect another democrat to fill those positions but its obvious that these people take power for granted.


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