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For A Few Dollars More

Posted by hanson807 on January 6, 2009

We have some news from Ford, Chrysler and Toyota. Hmm. American and Japanese auto makers can’t seem to sell cars. Oil prices are dropping like a rock. One has to wonder why China and India aren’t buying more oil. China according to some is set to surpass the US economy in 2035. Problem is, they rely on the US purchasing cheap products. Currently, our economic down turn has caused them some issues. The question is are we learning?

People have been predicting the down fall of the US since we began. In the 60’s the predicted America would lose to Russia. Lately, they have been predicting an end to American dominance and even our break up. The keep getting it wrong. But that doesn’t stop our politicians from seeing the wisdom in the ways of these scholars. They just take their cue from the Russian five year plan. Now, amazingly, our government has finally come to its senses and seen the wisdom of the four year plan. Of course he has made a few revisions and is now considering some tax cuts. So when it gets bad enough, it does appear that he may let you keep more of your money. He actually acknowledges that increasing taxes will hurt the economy and hurt jobs. The problem is, he doesn’t yet acknowledge that he can little if anything to help the economy. His one option is to attempt to get the government out of the way. But his supporters don’t get it. They think the government can spend us out of a recession. The problem with the great depression comparison is the war that followed did something for America. The war didn’t just get factories up and running and get people employed, it gave them confidence in their country. Currently, we lack that. The liberals have been talking down the economy since 2002.

In 2004 we had huge growth. But we had people to remind us it was still not good and we were in trouble. Bernadke even pointed out that the public preception about policies and the economy have a huge effect on the economy in 2004. He warned that if lost it would cost us. He discussed the rising cost of oil and what it would mean. The drum beat of dire economic indicators went on. No amount of good news could over come the bad reporting. The bad reports based on ancedotal evidence eventually convinced enough people the were doing bad that people lost confidence in our economy.

Do you question the idea that the confidence in our country is a serious issue? You should question anything anyone says, so lets take a look at history. A study by ABC in 2002. Also you will remember Jimmy Carter’s speech about confidence. Interesting that he saw that people had lost confidence in their government and we were doing poorly. Unfortunately, he got cause and effect backwards. It wasn’t that we were doing poorly and lost confidence in our government, we lost confidence in our government and that caused us to do poorly. What led to it?</p

Supposedly we got out of the depression because of WW II. Well we just finished a war in Vietnam, we should have been doing well. But unlike WW II, the Vietnam war created a deep divide in our country. Those for it and those against it. The press took sides against the war and continually reported atrocities that didn’t happened and always spoke of the enemy in glowing terms. The convinced those who were naive enough that we were the bad guy. People like Bill Ayers of the Weatherundergound commited terrorist acts against our country, we had the black panthers terrorizing people in the name of racial equality, we attempted to bring soldiers to trial every chance we got for imaginary war crimes. How can you have confidence in your country when you think its the bad guy.

Wow. Just like now. Black panthers intimidating people at polling stations. Millions of youths beleive we wrongly went into Iraq, the press sides with the terrorists against us and some of the politicians do as well. McDermott actually visisted Saddam just months before the war.

We have lost confidence in our government so consequently, we have no confidence in our financial system. They are linked, you can’t have one without the other. As they try and bail out the financial situation we see our hard earned money being handed out by the government with little or no discretion we can precieve. If something isn’t done to restore the faith in the government we aren’t going to recover soon. People who are wary of the government aren’t going to spend, they are going to save and be thrifty fearing the worst. The confidence that has to be restored will take a decade. We just spent eight years tearing it down. The liberals spent 8 years telling everyone that Bush was taking away their rights and started a war by lying to us. So what did they think? That half the people of the US who voted for Bush would appreciate that? Obama has his work cut out. But I predict that he will inherit the same kind of situation that Carter did and we will end up in the same place.


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