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Archive for March, 2009

The Real Robin Hood Story

Posted by hanson807 on March 5, 2009

is not about robbing the rich and giving to the poor. The real story involves taking from the sheriff who levied heavy taxes on the people to enrich himself. Today, people seem to be likening Obama to Robin Hood when he is really the Sheriff of the Potomac. He is opening up the tax gates for us serfs. What is he offering us?

Some say health care. He antes up over 640 billion for health care over 10 years. What would that buy? Let’s imagine we gave every man women and child a certain dollar amount every month for insurance. It would about 18 dollars a month for health care every month for 10 years. That is socialized medicine. Don’t make any mistakes though, you are going to be paying it. That money comes from your income taxes. Total spending for health care was 2.7 Billion. So he is offering a quarter of the entire amount spent to establish a bueracracy to watch the 2.7 billion a year. Why not just make all medical payments tax deductible?

It is odd that in the medical business, as is true with so many other businesses, that the cost of a particular surgery goes down over time. Let’s take the ACL in 1995 as compared to current average. The cost came down. According to the people who want socialized medicine, this can’t be true. Health care cost must be going up. But its relative. Before about 1990 the surgery was very rare and cost a ton but with the advances that were made became very common place. Feel free to pick out 50 drugs and trace the cost of all 50 for a 15 year period. They all go down. Again, it is contrary to the idea that health care costs are going up. Here is what is going up, you can have more things fixed and more drugs are available every day. How about prilosec? Do you know what the old fix was for chronic acid reflux? Surgery. So how much was saved going to the little purple pill? Was that figured in? Health care is just like a car. You bought one in 1980, it was slick. You bought one in 2008 and it costs more than the car you bought in 1980 and for what? Air bags, blue tooth, high mileage fuel efficient powerful, and a most new vehicles don’t need a tune up for over 100,000 miles. The difference in performance, handling and amenities is staggering. So you just can’t really compare them. My Grand father had a heart attack in 1945. His entire medical bill for three days in the hospital was about 300 to 500 dollars. So compared to today that is cheap. Of course all they did was make him comfortable until he died. So I am guessing if that is what you will accept if you get a heart attack today in a modern hospital, the bill will only be about 7500 dolloars for 3 days. Same care, essentially same cost when corrected for inflation. Its your choice.

Also, you might want to consider the French system. To be fair, the french government said it was a much lower number, 3000. The amount we lost on 9/11. Europe is said to have lost 52,000 to a heat wave. Of course it was a long time ago, it was 2003. Well at least they didn’t lose anyone in a hurricane. Wondering why I brought these up? That is government help. The same people who whinned about both of these things happening seem to think the way to help the medical system is to put people in charge who handle crisis like this. I guess they are used to mass casualties. Maybe its not a bad choice.

If they really wanted to help, the answer is easy. Allow full deduction on taxes of all medical expenses including the insurance payments. If they did that, more people would be covered and more people would see the doctors. Of course, maybe the real game is to gain control for the government of 12% to 20% of the economy.


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