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The Economy Will Sink Even Further

Posted by hanson807 on June 6, 2009

The oil and coal production and use have been declining now for almost a year. Parts and use of trucking has dropped significantly in the past year. Tax revenue has dropped significantly as well. Currently it is a downward spiral. As less people are employed and factories shutter, the demand for oil and coal go down. As less people are employed there is less tax revenue and less products are purchased and then factories get shuttered.

The spiral will continue until there is no real end in site at this time. Contrary to what the government says, we are no where near the end and we have not even come close to the bottom. The government has no answer when asked what will make the economy stronger.

We are on the verge of two possible revolutions that could bring us out of the depression we are in currently. I should first premise this with a discussion of the last two severe economic situations we were in. The great depression ended after WW II. But not because of WW II. It ended because we started an entire new industry. The mass production of kitchen and household appliances. It created millions of new jobs around the world making stoves, washing machines and refrigerators. Although refrigerators were created just after the first world war, production didn’t really ramp up until after the second world war. The US was broke after WW II. The war left an immense debt. Manufacturing however had some major improvements and the boom in manufacturing got us out of debt. In 1980 IBM released the IBM PC. This innovation was the start of the computer revolution. Sales and advances brought us out of the recession. For those that argue Reagan did, sorry he didn’t. He was a good president and lowering taxes as well as standing up to tyranny were good things to do, the computer age came in 1980 and that is why the economy boomed. Let me clarify why it boomed. Millions of jobs were created. Both making computers and programming them. Secondary markets on the computers themselves drove an immense amount of wealth as well. There was E-Bay and day trading. None of these jobs was a replacement of another industry. It was just a brand new industry with millions of jobs. As sales picked up, capital picked up and we were off and running.

What will get us out of this economic slide will be a new industry. The question is which one. Of course it could be two industries but I don’t know I am only making an educated prediction based on information I read. I think it will either be robots or some extraordinary medical advances.

In the Iraq war, when we started we had a few predator drones. Some considered them a waste. But we will consider them part of the flat earth society. Currently we have more than 15,000 drones and robots deployed in Iraq. Some are for ordinance disposal and some for actually patrolling the border. Well one has to ask, how about moving irrigation pipe in the field or picking tomatoes? I believe this will also alleviate the illegal alien issue as well. I think that the next big car manufacturer will be the one that builds a car without a single human hand. No cost or overhead of employees. Also consider the textile industry and what that will mean. More done by robots at home and less imports. Localized manufacturing because of robots. What will we export? Almost everything. Our imports will be natural resources for production. Our schools loaded with robot engineers and boom will rush on.

The second great advance will be medical. This is the only one that the government can crush before it gets going. Currently there have been advances in growing sheep and pigs without an immune system. Also advances in growing organs in these animals. So organ replacement is coming. This will be a huge industry and will require biomedical researchers as well as animal care facilities capable of handling the animals without immune systems. Secondly, the animals will only be used for a short time. Possibly 5 to 6 years before the researchers figure out how to regulate all the growth factors so that the animal is not necessary. Now the problem is, the government can crush this research. Some of this research is being done in Japan right now. The Japanese people have religious issues with organ transplant so they need an alternative to getting an organ from a human. Innovation is turning to these animals. Animal rights activists coupled with liberal left will use it as a wedge issue and get it out lawed. This will slow the progress immensely.

So currently we are sinking. When this liberal congress and senate pass health care regulation the economy will take a nose dive that no one has ever witnessed before. After several years we will through off the yoke of government control and a new 20 year era of growth will come because of robot development and biomedical research.


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