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If Real Healthcare Reform

Posted by hanson807 on June 20, 2009

was what the democrat party was after, they could do it without taking over the healthcare system. There are steps the congress and the senate could take to make healthcare more affordable for everyone and add an incentive for people to get healthcare.

Right now if you want to deduct medical it can only be the portion that is greater than 7.5% of your income. “You can deduct only the amount of your medical and dental expenses that is more than 7.5% of Dental Expenses your adjusted gross income (Form 1040, line Expenses? 38).(chapter 21) If this was changed so that all medical expenses were tax deductible and not subject to the above 7.5% rule, the entire cost of your medical insurance could be deducted. Then the government would have no need to raise taxes to give you money to pay your insurance. Secondly, they could give companies a tax credit equal to 15% of the money that they pay for health insurance for their employees. The company would have incentive to provide good health insurance. Again, the government would have no control and would not have a hand in selecting your health insurance or dictating cost to the company.

Other steps could be taken to reduce the time drugs and medical procedures are approved by the FDA. For new drugs and procedures a tax free period could be enacted. This would stimulate bio-medical research possibly providing much needed jobs for the economic recovery.

These are simple, government free methods of stimulating growth, lowering taxes and keeping the government out of the healthcare business. But that isn’t the goal is it? That is not what the left wants. To do these things is to admit the private sector and individuals can solve problems that the government can’t. And that is something they are not about to do.


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