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No Compromise On Health Care is Possible

Posted by hanson807 on January 29, 2010

when the ends are polar. The democrat party wants to nationalize health care. They want the government to control health care. The conservatives don’t want any government control. So there is no compromise possible.

This is like be held up by a mugger. He says he will compromise. You have 100 dollars in your wallet and several credit cards, he will only take 60 bucks and one of the credit card. Did you compormise? He got money he shouldn’t have and a credit card of yours that he shouldn’t have. What did you get? Well a democrat would tell you that you got 40 bucks and the rest of your credit cards. Everyone else would tell you what really happened, you got robbed.

A person can compromise only when a principal is not violated. If you both agree that an outcome is right, you can compromise on how to get there. When the way to compromise is to allow the other side to violate a principal that you have, you have simply lost and you will gain absolutely nothing. They will gain everything.

This is the Health Care debate. Those who believe that the government should not be involved in health care have no middle ground with those who believe in government control of the health care system. Either you stand by the principal of no government control and vote 100% of the time against the health care bills or you capitulate and violate your principal. If you can be shamed into violating your principals, you don’t have any. The president tried to shame the republicans into crossing the aisle and voting for the health care bill. The principal is clear, no government control. Stand by the principal and vote against it with pride.


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