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Archive for April, 2011

The split in America

Posted by hanson807 on April 30, 2011

is getting wider and wider. We are moving into a time when most of the gulf between the democrat party and the republican party has no compromise or if it does it is the negative definition of compromise. To expose or make vulnerable.

We have been going around in this country about taxes since the federal income tax started in 1862. Our president says that lower taxes for wealthy Americans is unfair. And if you go to the Huffington Post you will find Sam Stein telling you that passing a massive spending bill like health care was actually a tax credit for the middle class and most people according to some targeted quotes beleive their taxes are fair. Of course that was in April before the CBO and everyone else came out with a bit of honesty and owned up to the health care bill as being an increased tax burden. But all of this begs the question, by whose definition of fairness? Is it fair that 45% of the population pay no federal income tax what so ever? Who is that fair too? Secondly, if they aren’t paying any income tax what so ever, how could it appear unfair to this group is someone is paying 25-34% of their income as taxes? It also begs the question, what is the proper course for our government to take? If you beleive in the constitution, the federal government has no right to take control of healthcare. So here is where the compromise can’t be had. Either you beleive that the government has the right to control healthcare, or you don’t. The answer is there is no middle ground. You are on one side or the other.

This is but one split. There is a split between government control and no government control. Either you want more control or you want less. If you don’t want the government in the Auto industry, they fact that they only control GM is not bipartisan, you just lost and they gained control.

The difference between a communist regime and a fascist regime, in my opinion, is how it came into power.I believe that fascist regimes come to power via an election and communist through the over throw of a government. Currently we have a regime who is taking over banking, heavy industry and now the medical industry and insurance industry. There is no middle ground for people like me. A little control is more control than I think the government ought to have. Secondly, who are these people who are taking control? The current president has never run a business in his life nor has he worked for anyone but governmental entities. The people he hires are in the same boat with most working for law firms or consulting firms whose main business is how to interact with the government. Some would call these business men but they were just in a private sector job figuring out how to bilk the government. They didn’t produce a product of any sort.

One has to think about why our country was founded as it was. The idea was a government that did a few necessary evils. It talked to foreign governments as our representatives. They had courts to settle disputes and punish those who deprived others of property or life. The rest of living was left up to the citizens and the government had nothing to do with it.

As time marched on we added stuff like education. Who could possibly argue that children shouldn’t be educated and that this education is a contribution to society. There is no advantage to having an uneducated society in a free society. We added mine safety, we added a labor relations board and a war department. All sounded like or were advertised as things we simply couldn’t live without. Then as time marched on we added stuff like social security and medicare and medicaid advertised as being necessary to support the poor and elderly. But the amounted to a move on the part of federal government to gain more control. All of this pushed the federal government further and further into control of every day life.

What we have now is people having to ask uneducated, unqualified bureaucrats for permission to work on, drill or modify their own property. Who are the people at the EPA and what are their qualifications? Currently the head of the EPA is Lisa Jackson. In her adult life she has never worked for anyone but the government. She has never owned a business or worked for a company. Right out of college she went to work for the government. Business has to talk to her before they get to make a decision. How is she qualified to make a decision that effects a company and its employees? She has always been a government employee. Think about that for a second. She has more control than most of the CEO’s who have paid her salary for her entire career. They didn’t get to make bad decisions and if they did they were still stuck paying her. Then the EPA steps up and claims the responsibility of regulating CO2. That amounts to a control over every single business in the country from farming to delivering flowers. And what is the right that she has? She has the right of your private property up to and including your lawn mower which emits CO2. No thanks and that is not in the constitution.

The split in America is getting widder because those people like myself believe the government is taking controls it has no right too. We don’t exist to enhance, fund and serve the federal government. That was what our fore fathers disliked about a monarchy. They, as we do, existed for themselves. They could farm, go to market and buy and sell products all without the slightest involvement of the government. Today it is nearly impossible to do anything at all without the government being involved in some way shape or form. It has not improved our country. The split is with those that think the government should be doing these things. There is no middle ground.


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