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Top Ten Warmest Years or Hoax?

Posted by hanson807 on January 20, 2009

2008 was ranked as one of the top 10 hottest years on record. Unfortunately, the temperature data has slowly but steadily removed weather stations that didn’t agree with the preconcieved idea that it is getting warmer. The person who is in charge of this data is Jim Hansen. So what are the odds there is no professional malficiance? John Goetz has been keeping records of the temperatures around the world and the country and has found that the historical temperature data is being modified. This data falls under the department run by Jim Hansen. Jim Hansen has a reason to modify this data. He wants it to fit his idea of what should be happening. Even though it is ancedotal evidence, do you as the reader consider 2008 a warmer year than average? I sure didn’t. Of course, I can go to some fairly reliable sources like the weatherunderground and actually look at historical data. It doesn’t appear to be the warmest by a long stretch. The data is beginning to be questioned by people within the field.

I think it is time we really start questioning this government employee. Jim Hansen works for us, or at least he derives his pay from our tax money. These results and the trends in the loss of weather stations and changed data point to someone working diligantly to make the data fit a preconcieved idea. In other words, he is falsifying data and doing it on the public dole. He wants global warming because it fits his preconcieved ideas. Not only that, it makes him important and right. That puts him in a position to guide public policy. Is this what we want?


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Again Dire Warnings About Global Warming

Posted by hanson807 on January 18, 2009

Jim Hansen never fails to come up with a dire warning about global warming. Robin Mckie buys into the jibberish and actually adds this blatant lie “first warned Earth was in danger from climate change in 1988 and has been the victim of several unsuccessful attempts by the White House administration of George Bush to silence his views.” First of all he published a paper in Science, in 1981. In this paper, his sloppy science all but eliminated any other possible solutions to his preconcieved idea by ruling all things such as solar output are constent. Of course we know he is wrong. Also he attributes the increase in CO2 to emissions from fossil fuels and provides no way to prove this assertion. There are many other ways that CO2 can go up. Here is a simple one, the suns output increases, warms the oceans, CO2 is released into the atmosphere. His model and discriptions are done with a preconcieved outcome without even a discussion of other possible causes or any other possible conclusion that could be reached with the same data. Boom, he was on a mission. Secondly, he has given over 1400 interviews in which he expressed his view and actually critized the administration. How many employers would take that kind of crap and keep the guy on the pay role? Also, where was he handed his pink slip? Never happened. In other words, journalistic fraud. Mckie doesn’t even bother to do a basic google search to see if he was ever asked to leave or whether or not he gave over a thousand interviews and statements. Lazy or just politically motivated writing? You be the judge.

Lets start out by admitting that we don’t really know what the total contribution from man made sources is. Attempts are made to eliminate other sources but the reality is, the source and size of the source is unknown. Gas concentrations have been measured in ice and it should be interesting to note the range in the CO2 concentrations. It doesn’t imply an accuracy. On the contrary, it calls into question the validity of the data. Why not gas bubbles in Amber? Would that not be more representative? The ice core data can be interpeted many ways and it does show that periods prior to the automobile had high concentrations of CO2. Accordingly, temperature data that has been proven false and needs to be corrected is still in use. When questioned by climate scientist’s, people like Hansen and the IPCC say the data is wrong but accurate enough. Then we find out Hansen’s data was botched, but somehow we don’t question whether he did it on purpose to support his view, while he says that people that question global warming are backed by the oil companies or just not very bright.

So we have a guy who falsifies data and gives dire warnings based on his falsified data. Where is the media objectivity? Why would you waste space with this guys pronouncements when he has been shown to be wrong for 20 years now? Why is this guy still on the public payroll?

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Global Warming

Posted by hanson807 on November 30, 2008

Here is a fantastic plan. Let’s get a group of un-elected people together who have no science background what so ever and have them make rules about pollution emmissions and then fine countries based on these arbitrary rules. In the article which should have been titled “Arbitrary rules to steal wealth by”, Mr. Stephen Hockman who is just a lawyer from Britian is reported to be working on such a grand plan. While we decide whether or not that is a good idea, why don’t they just do it because they aren’t planning on giving us little folk a say anyway and they weren’t elected to office so can’t be voted out. I guess the idea that many people don’t believe all the puesdo science behind carbon dioxide warming the atmosphere must just be dismissed. Also, if its about global warming I guess we can dismiss democracy. Maybe that is why it is tied so closely to socialism. No voting allowed. Absolute authority required.

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